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Today’s impossible, will be tomorrow’s reality.
Safety first, everyone.


While intergrating native platform C APIs (e.g. on windows) into a third-party C++ application, I found myself having to make sure that query functions, that allocate and fill results of different data types, are called with the right paramters. And the inquired data is also properly disposed of after the…

Just imagine she is searching for the right strings.


There are things, that come up time and time again. One of those things is creating a string version of Enum values in Unreal Engine. For this and other cases, we started to condense some of our utility and helper functions into a module. This module can then be used…

Makes sense to show something Apple related here, right.


Going directly to source is sometimes the right move. On macOS that would be the core libraries using Objective-C. In this example, we use CoreWLAN to ask for information on the current wlan interface connection. You can find the complete source on github.



We have a makefile at project root…

The title picture, selected to impress you with random code.


Structuring the data in your solutions is a vital part of success. Epic Games has made a quite convenient to integrate custom structs into Unreal Engine’s infrastructure. In this article, we take a look at how we can achieve integration of a custom struct into the Engine’s hashing system. …


This is the second installment of the UE4 custom shader development series, where we have a look at how to use custom shader code in your materials, as well as build and reference a resuable codebase. …


As part of an ongoing series about developing custom shaders for plugins in Unreal Engine, we start off by looking at how we setup the environment.


Unreal Engine’s Material and Shader System is very powerful and fun to work with. If you find yourself in need of some advanced features…

Unreal Engine 4.21 ships with version 2018.1.1 of Autodesk’s FBXSDK. It’s used when importing or exporting FBX 3D data into your project using Unreal Editor. Sometimes it may be necessary to load or save 3D meshes at runtime. …


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